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    Algades is a brand of the company Alga, Development, Engineering, and Services, SL. This term originates from a combination of the words Alga and the name of the province of Cádiz, which was formerly known as Gades, where the company is located. The company was created in 2015 with the purpose of establishing a sustainable economic activity with substantial potential: production of microalgae.

    Microalgal biotechnology

    We are a company dedicated to microalgal biotechnology offering services of project consultancy and management as well as design and operation of facilities of microalgae production. We also have expertise in R&D activities.

    Spin-off company from the University of Cádiz

    Algades is a spin-off company from the University of Cádiz. This association with the institution places the company in a privileged position which results in quality service. We have access to excellent equipment and high-level human resources from different research groups specialized in microalgal biotechnology (extraction, identification of high-value products, species identification, food technology, etc.).

    Mission & Vision

    Our mission is to apply our knowledge and ability in order to promote the production of microalgae.
    Our vision is to be a knowledge-based organization acting as a catalyst for the development of microalgal biotechnology in a privileged geographical area such as the south of Europe.


    Algades provides integral management of projects on any scale

    Design and operation


    Design and operation of production plants



    Expertise in R&D activities.

    About us

    Our experience makes Algades the best option to ensure the success of your project. Our company´s philosophy is based on enthusiasm, innovation, and quality as well as taking responsibility for our clients’ challenges. Our location in southern Spain is a prime area where climatic conditions and the availability of land and seawater create an excellent framework for microalgae production.

    Jesús Ruiz González

    Jesús Ruiz González


    Dr. Jesús Ruiz is the founding partner and director of the company. Jesús holds a PhD in Environmental Technologies from the University of Cádiz and is experienced in the design of facilities to cultivate microalgae and in the production itself. This experience has been acquired from several projects at the University of Cádiz and AlgaePARC (WUR, the Netherlands) among others. His discipline and attitude in the pursuit of excellence in quality are key elements for achieving good results.

    José Antonio Perales Vargas

    José Antonio Perales Vargas

    Director of R&D

    Professor José Antonio Perales is the founding partner and Director of R&D in the Company. He is the innovative generator at Algades who turns ideas and abilities into value initiatives. José Antonio has obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cádiz, is a supervisor of 6 PhD students and also an author of several patents and more than 50 scientific publications. These references as well as more than 17 funded projects and several years as director of the Andalusian Center for Marine Science and Technologies (CACYTMAR) guarantee his scientific and management experience.

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