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    The services offered by Algades include consultancy and technical solutions in microalgal biotechnology for cultivation in marine, freshwater, and wastewater:

    Project management

    Algades provides integral management of projects on any scale. We can assume the tasks of designing, construction, bringing microalgae production facilities into operation, and also processing these facilities

    Project consultancy

    Algades offers the needed assistance to develop your projects with project development, preliminary feasibility studies, techno-economic analysis, and process optimization.


    Design, optimization, and construction of photobioreactors.

    R&D Services

    We can perform different types of laboratory or pilot experiments such as feasibility assays, selection of species and culture media, or microalgae harvesting.

    Laboratory analysis

    Analysis of culture media and effluents, biomass composition (lipids, proteins and carbohydrates), elementary analysis of microalgae (C, H, N, S) or species identification

    Supply of microalgae

    Supply of microalgae to study downstream processes

    Specialized training

    Specialized academic training: our background has provided us with substantial educational capabilities. We offer custom-built courses on analysis of microalgae cultures, design of photobioreactors, and the operation of microalgal production facilities for field workers.

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